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We install and repair most  makes and models of air conditioning systems.

California is a national leader in promoting energy efficiency.   As a result, our energy use per person has remained stable for over 30 years while the national average has steadily increased.   Despite this success, we must continue to reduce energy use in our homes. The benefits are highly valuable in that reducing energy use not only lowers your energy bills, but helps our electricity system remain reliable, even during high peak-load periods, while also protecting our environment.

It is impossible to keep any air conditioning unit running forever, and older air conditioner units, unfortunately need to be repaired from time to time.

Our services include performing new and existing installs, repairs and maintenance to a variety of equipment including:  air conditioning,  ventilation, electric motors, heating units, heat pumps, hermetic compressors, light commercial furnaces, intake and exhaust fans, economizers and humidifiers.